Registration and training requirements


Applying for designation as a YFVC

There is an initial registration fee of £100 for all yellow fever vaccination centres (YFVCs) in Scotland. This fee includes the initial face to face training and the first two years registration. A re-registration fee of £65 will be due every two years.

Newly applying centres wishing to become registered need to attend yellow fever training before their application can be fully processed.

In order to apply for designation as a YFVC in Scotland, the registered medical practitioner responsible for the centre is required to read the YFVC Information pack and complete and sign the application form and Conditions of Registration for Designation form within the pack.

The information pack includes:

  • application forms
  • conditions of registration form
  • de-designation information

Completed application forms should be returned to

Training information

Our organisation is responsible for implementing and monitoring mandatory training for designated YFVCs in Scotland.

This training is only open to registered YFVCs in Scotland or those applying to become designated.

It is mandatory that one staff member attends the initial training, however we also recommend that all clinical staff, as a minimum, completes the online training resource before giving advice about yellow fever and administering the vaccine.

The training will focus on administration of yellow fever vaccine and associated issues but won't include general travel health training. To maintain designation status, it's mandatory that one clinical member of staff from the YFVC completes our yellow fever re-training every two years. However, we recommend that all clinical staff involved in advising travellers about yellow fever should either attend face to face training or complete the online training every two years.

This would be a member of staff such as a:

  • registered doctor
  • nurse
  • pharmacist

Training topics will include:

  • yellow fever disease
  • yellow fever vaccine
  • vaccination certificates
  • administrative issues
  • case studies

Training fee

The initial training fee is included in the £100 registration fee for new centres.  

Please don't include payment when you send in the application form. Our finance department will contact you for payment, and your training place will be confirmed. Details of how to pay is on the invoice.

How to register for training

To register, complete the training application form within the Information Pack. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Training dates and venue

To be confirmed

Re-training for registered centres

Existing registered centres can chose to complete the online training, the cost of which is included in the re-registration fee of £65. Existing centres due for re-training may also attend the face to face training – there will be an additional fee of £95 on top of the £65 re-registration cost to attend this session. Once a centre is active and initial face to face training has taken place the online training can be undertaken at any time as well as the required two yearly update.

We produce the online training programme in collaboration with NHS Education for Scotland (NES). It's a comprehensive programme which covers the main aspects of yellow fever relevant to YFVCs and should take no more than two hours to complete.

Training programme

The training programme is supplied in enhanced PDF format.To ensure full functionality please open in Adobe Reader rather than your web browser. Please note that this is a large file, so may take a few moments to download. If you have problems accessing the PDF, please contact:

If you have any queries concerning the content of the training programme please contact us at:

On completion of the training programme, a Confirmation of Completion form should be returned to us. This form is within the training programme and full instructions on completing and returning the form will be found there.

De-designation information

We also have the power to de-designate those YFVCs who fail to maintain the required standards.

Further information on this can be found in the information pack.

If further clarification is required on any aspect of the application and registration process please contact us by either:

Telephone: 0141 300 1137