UK Government publishes updated plan to tackle climate change

24 July 2018

Article: 52/2904

On 19 July 2018, the UK Government published its new strategy for tackling climate change. The second National Adaptation Programme 2018 to 2023 (NAP) sets out an ambitious strategy for dealing with the effects of a changing climate.

The strategy comes after the Climate Change Risk Assessment was published in January 2017 and addresses the risks affecting communities across England. It also sets out the government’s on-going investment and work to tackle these risks.

As part of the NAP, the government has set out a strategy for inviting infrastructure operators to report on the actions they are taking to adapt to climate change. The government will work with sectors and provide support to organisations as they develop their reporting processes, which will help them understand and take action to address the impacts of climate on their businesses. 

In the last reporting cycle, 86 organisations completed adaptation reports. They identified very clearly the climate risks their industry is facing, presented the risks and opportunities arising and set out actions they are implementing to adapt. For instance, they include work on flooding adaptation, on reviewing critical industry standards and an ongoing monitoring of climate impacts.

The NAP sets out to complement the government’s Clean Growth Strategy, which demonstrates how the UK can benefit from low carbon economic opportunities through the creation of new technologies and businesses.

Source: UK Government, 19 July 2018