Scottish Government passes Climate Change Bill

01 October 2019

Article: 53/3907

On 25 September 2019, the Climate Change Bill was passed in the Scottish Parliament, with the hope that Scotland’s contribution to climate change will end within a generation.

The legislation commits Scotland to becoming a net-zero society by 2045, five years before the rest of the UK, and in line with the advice from the government’s independent expert advisors, the UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The Scottish Government has also adopted a new target to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030. 

Other new measures which aim to strengthen efforts include: 

  • The Scottish Government will commission new advice from the CCC on the UK-wide pathway to 2030. 
  • Accountability for meeting the targets will be strengthened, with ministers now required to report on progress to tackle climate change in every sector, every year. 
  • A Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change will be created to make recommendations to ministers on how Scotland’s net-zero transition should be achieved.

Source: Scottish Government, 25 September 2019