UK launches action plan on antimicrobial resistance

29 January 2019

Article: 53/0406

The UK Government has launched a five year action plan contributing to the containment and control of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in health, animals, the environment and the food chain.

A major focus of the plan is to make sure current antibiotics stay effective by reducing the number of resistant infections and supporting clinicians to prescribe appropriately. Targets include cutting the number of drug-resistant infections by 10% (5,000 infections) by 2025, reducing the use of antibiotics in humans by 15% and preventing at least 15,000 patients from contracting infections as a result of their healthcare each year by 2024.

New technology will also be used to gather real-time patient data to help clinicians understand when to use and preserve antibiotics in their treatment.

The action plan can be viewed on the Department of Health (DOH) website.

Source: DOH, 24 January 2019