Fireworks legislation and impacts: international evidence review

08 October 2019

Article: 53/4008

Fireworks are considered an important part of Scottish celebrations and festivals, such as Hogmanay, Bonfire Night and Diwali. However, fireworks can potentially have negative consequences and need to be used safely and handled with care to avoid serious injury. A public consultation and omnibus survey were recently carried out by the Scottish Government to gather views on potential changes to fireworks legislation and regulations in Scotland.

To complement the consultation and omnibus survey, a desk-based review of the evidence has been carried out to provide an understanding of the key issues relating to fireworks. The report sets out the findings of the evidence review on the impact of fireworks in the context of international legislation and regulations. Additionally, a summary of current fireworks legislation and regulations internationally, and a review of the available evidence on the impact of fireworks, relating to social and environmental factors such as injury, pollution, noise and animal welfare, are also included.

Source: Scottish Government, 4 October 2019