Animal disease control strategy: equine infectious anaemia

29 October 2019

Article: 53/4305

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), along with the Scottish and Welsh Governments, have jointly published a strategy setting out a framework on managing an outbreak of equine infectious anaemia (EIA) in Great Britain. EIA, sometimes known as ‘swamp fever’ is a viral disease of equine species, and it should be noted that the disease poses no risk to human health.

The strategy covers general control principles for the most likely scenarios where cases of EIA may occur, and the rationale for such controls. It is not intended to provide detailed operational instructions for how to deal with an outbreak. The Scottish Government’s Exotic diseases of animals: contingency framework plan covers these arrangements and should be referred to for detailed explanation of the systems, structures, roles and responsibilities implemented during an outbreak, which are referenced in this control strategy.

Source: DEFRA, 28 October 2019