Emerging tick-borne parasite detected in the north of Scotland

26 November 2019

Article: 53/4708

According to a new study, conducted by the University of Glasgow and published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, scientists have detected an exotic tick-borne parasite within sheep in the North of Scotland. The study reports that this is the first time that this organism, Babesia venatorum (B. venatorum), has been identified in animals in the UK, and the first time it has been found in sheep anywhere in the world.

The risk of people contracting this infection is believed to be low. The study's authors believe that B. venatorum may have been carried by migratory birds coming to the UK from Scandinavia, where the parasite has previously been found in ticks collected from the environment and migratory birds.

Source: University of Glasgow, 20 November 2019