Body modification artist pleads guilty to three counts of GBH

19 February 2019

Article: 53/0709

A body modification artist who carried out a number of extreme procedures at his tattoo parlour in Wolverhampton, including ear and nipple removal and tongue-splitting, pleaded guilty to three counts of grievous bodily harm (GBH).

Public protection officers at the City of Wolverhampton Council served a notice on a tattoo parlour owner preventing him from carrying out body modification under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The tattoo parlour had been carrying out what were considered to be significant cosmetic procedures which should be carried out in a suitable medical facility. 

An ear, nose and throat specialist, engaged by the City of Wolverhampton Council, advised that lack of medical training, an unsuitable operating environment, lack of specialist equipment, and working with untrained personnel at the tattoo parlour, meant that clients were at risk of severe bleeding, infection and life-changing complications.

A cabinet member for City of Wolverhampton Council called for the introduction of national legislation to protect members of the public against the risks of extreme body modification.

Source: City of Wolverhampton Council, 12 February 2019