Scottish tree planting

16 June 2020

Article: 54/2403

A report by Forest Research shows that Scotland delivered over 80% of all new tree planting in the UK. In total, 10,860 hectares of new woodland, with nearly 22 million trees, were planted last year, the second highest level since 2001 The yearly target for native woodland creation was achieved with 4,529 hectares being created, around 42% of all the new woodland in Scotland.

It is hoped the new woodland will make an important contribution towards tackling the global climate emergency. Around 9.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide are removed from the atmosphere from Scotland’s forests each year. Scotland’s forests cover 18.8% of the total land mass area and the ambition contained in the Scottish Government’s forestry strategy is to increase this to 21% by 2032.

Source: Scottish Forestry, 11 June 2020