EEA develop accounting methods for land cover changes

03 November 2020

Article: 54/4406

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has developed land accounts that allow for assessing changes in land cover types. These changes can have environmental impacts, such as decline in biodiversity, reduced carbon stocks, or weakened capacity for food production and flood regulation. The briefing, ‘Land cover accounts – an approach to geospatial environmental accounting’, describes the use of the EEA’s integrated data platform and geospatial data for land accounting that aims to be transparent, repeatable and efficient.

In key messages from the report: 

  • Environmental impacts such as the loss of productive land, the decline in biodiversity and soil carbon stocks, flood regulation and other ecosystem services are related to land use and land use change in Europe. 
  • Satellite land cover data can support land use change monitoring. The data loaded in an accounting matrix show land cover gains and losses over time and can inform policy action on the main land use processes.

Source: EEA, 27 October 2020