FSA publish results of public attitudes tracker survey

03 March 2020

Article: 54/905

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published the results of their biannual public attitudes tracker, which monitors changes in consumer attitudes to food-related issues in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Awareness of different types of food poisoning has gradually increased in the last two years. While awareness of Salmonella (92%) and E. coli (86%) were already relatively high, awareness of norovirus (60%) and Listeria (61%) have increased by eight and 15 percentage points respectively since November 2017.

Concerns were raised by 45% of survey respondents regarding food safety in UK restaurants, pubs, cafes and takeaways, while 40% of respondents reported similar concerns about UK shops and supermarkets. Reported concern has continued to decrease slightly over time, indicating a general decline regarding food safety in UK food outlets.

The majority (78%) reported that they trust that food is what it says it is and is accurately labelled and 76% trusted the authenticity of ingredients, origin and quality of food. Findings also demonstrated that 83% of respondents felt they had enough information about what food contains to make their food choices.

Source: FSA, 24 February 2020