Scottish Government publish environment strategy

03 March 2020

Article: 54/908

On 25 February 2020, the Scottish Government published a new environment strategy. By 2045, the strategy hopes to help transform Scotland and secure the wellbeing of the environment and biodiversity, by restoring nature and ending Scotland’s contribution to climate change. To fulfil these aims, it is hoped Scotland will: 

  • play a full role in tackling the global climate emergency and limiting temperature rise to 1.5˚C 
  • use and re-use resources more wisely, bringing an end to the throwaway culture 
  • promote a sustainable economy that conserves and grows natural assets 
  • support a healthy environment that delivers a fairer, more inclusive society

To ensure environmental standards are maintained once the transition period ends, an independent public body to oversee compliance with environmental law will be established in Scotland.

Source: Scottish Government, 25 February 2020