WHO publishes report on tobacco control and child health

23 March 2021

Article: 55/1205

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a report on tobacco control and its role in improving child health and development. The WHO advocate for awareness raising among practitioners and policymakers regarding the importance of strong tobacco control measures to protect the health and development of children. This includes recommendations around banning tobacco advertising, implementing 100% smoke-free environments, and raising taxes on tobacco.

The WHO states that exposure of unborn children to maternal smoking or second-hand smoke is linked to birth defects, stillbirths, preterm births and infant deaths. Maternal smoking during pregnancy is linked to a doubling of the risk of sudden infant death and birth defects. The WHO estimates that second-hand smoke kills around 1.2 million people every year, with 65,000 of these premature and preventable deaths occurring in children and adolescents under 15 years of age.

Source: WHO, 16 March 2021