New survey raises concerns around cooking practices for frozen chicken products

29 June 2021

Article: 55/2606

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) have published the results of a survey, which found that 46% of the adults questioned do not always check cooking instructions when they prepare coated frozen chicken products. The results of the survey have identified behaviours which both agencies believe could increase public risk to foodborne disease.

The report was commissioned as a result of a Salmonella incident linked to frozen chicken products, such as nuggets, goujons, dippers, poppers and kievs. While these products may appear cooked on the outside, they often contain raw chicken and must be cooked thoroughly to help kill Salmonella bacteria.

Questions on the storage and handling of these products, both before and after cooking, resulted in the following responses: 

  • 62% of those who cook this type of product said that uncooked coated frozen chicken foodstuffs sometimes come into contact with other surfaces, such as worktops and plates. 
  • 58% of those who cook this type of product say they always wash their hands after handling them. 
  • 23% of consumers who cook this type of product said they defrosted them before cooking, and 62% said they did not. Among those who do defrost products, 53% say they leave them at room temperature.

FSS reminds consumers to follow cooking instructions for these products to protect themselves and their families.

Source: FSS, 22 June 2021