FSS and FSA risk analysis and regulated products register published

13 July 2021

Article: 55/2806

Since leaving the EU earlier this year, Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have taken on responsibility for assessing food and animal feed safety in the UK. On July 6 2021, a new register and public record for risk analysis issues and regulated products applications currently under review in the UK was published.

The register of risk analysis issues gives information about those issues being considered through the food and animal feed risk analysis process, providing a summary of each issue and their current status. The register of regulated products is a list of applications received through the regulated products application service that are currently being assessed. Regulated products include:

  • extraction solvents 
  • feed additives 
  • feed detoxification processes
  • feed for particular nutritional uses (PARNUTS) 
  • flavourings 
  • food additives 
  • food contact materials 
  • food enzymes 
  • genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as food and feed 
  • irradiated food 
  • novel foods 
  • smoke flavourings

Source: FSS, 6 July 2021