EEA publishes EU maritime transport environmental report

07 September 2021

Article: 55/3606

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published the first EU maritime transport report on environmental impact. In recent years, the maritime sector has taken significant measures to alleviate its environmental impacts. Ahead of a projected increase in global shipping volumes, this report reveals the full extent of the EU maritime transport sectors impact on the environment and identifies challenges to achieving sustainability.

The report shows that ships produce 13.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the EU, behind emissions from road transport (71%) and aviation (14.4%), while sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions from ships calling in European ports amounted to approximately 1.63 million tonnes in 2019, a figure expected to fall over the coming decades due to stricter environmental rules and measures.

The report assesses the current state of emerging maritime transport sustainability solutions, including alternative fuels, batteries and onshore power supply and provides a comprehensive picture of their uptake in the EU. Additionally, the report also outlines future challenges posed by climate change for the industry, including the potential impact of rising sea levels on ports.

Source: EEA, 1 September 2021