COP26 Glasgow Declaration on Forests and Land Use announced

09 November 2021

Article: 55/4509

On 2 November 2021, the Glasgow Declaration on Forests and Land Use was announced at the twenty-sixth UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). Signed by 100 countries, representing 85% of the globe’s forested land, the declaration issues a pledge to end or reduce deforestation by 2030. Among the signatories are Brazil and Indonesia, two nations with the world’s largest tropical forests.

The Scottish Government has announced their intention for Scotland’s rainforest to be restored and expanded as a natural solution to the climate emergency, with the west of the country being home to one of the remaining rainforest sites in Europe. Each year, Scotland’s forests and woodlands absorb around 6.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), equivalent to almost 10% of the country’s gross greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Scottish Government is engaging with the Alliance for Scotland’s Rainforests to determine how best to fulfil this commitment.

Source: Scottish Government, 2 November 2021