Africa Cup of Nations, Cameroon 2022

21 December 2021

Article: 55/5103

The Africa Cup of Nations football tournament takes place in Cameroon from 9 January until 6 February 2022, with matches due to be played in the cities of Yaounde, Doula, Bafoussam, Garoua and Limbe.

Advice for travellers

International travel continues to be impacted by COVID-19, and with the emergence of the Omicron variant, many countries have put new travel restrictions in place. Travellers should be aware that there is the ongoing risk of further restrictions being announced at very short notice.

During the tournament, stadiums and surrounding areas are likely to be crowded and travellers should be aware that this increases the risk of respiratory illnesses, such as COVID-19.

Before booking travel, travellers should be advised to consider the following guidance.

  • Review the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) guidance for entry requirements, restrictions, screening and quarantine requirements for travel to Cameroon, and any other countries visited or transited through. 
  • Check the risk of exposure to coronavirus in Cameroon on the TRAVAX country page (for health professionals) or the fitfortravel country page (for the general public). 
  • Consider the risk of developing severe COVID-19 and the availability of medical facilities in Cameroon. 
  • Ensure they have adequate travel insurance cover for the duration of their trip. 
  • Consider how they will arrange COVID-19 testing at their destination prior to return to the UK. 
  • Be aware of UK Border Force rules for entering the UK during return travel.

Aside from COVID-19, a full risk assessment of the different health risks a traveller may potentially be exposed to during their trip is required. The risks may vary depending on the amount of time spent in Cameroon, further travel around the country, onward travel to another destination, and leisure pursuits.

Following the assessment, travellers should be advised on: 

  • yellow fever entry requirements 
  • polio exit requirements 
  • vaccine preventable disease risks 
  • malaria 
  • non-vaccine preventable disease risks

Travellers should be reminded to always seek medical advice if they develop a fever either during travel or after they return home, and inform their health professional regarding recent travel history, particularly if they have been in a malaria endemic country such as Cameroon.

Source: TRAVAX, 13 December 2021