WHO launches consolidated guidelines for malaria

23 February 2021

Article: 55/0807

The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched consolidated guidelines for malaria, bringing together the most up-to-date recommendations in an online platform

The platform provides: 

  • All official WHO recommendations for malaria prevention (vector control and preventive chemotherapies) and case management (diagnosis and treatment). Recommendations for elimination settings are in development. 
  • Links to other resources, such as guidance on the strategic use of information to drive impact, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation, operational manuals, handbooks, frameworks and a glossary of key terms and definitions.

The first version of the guidelines for malaria is a compilation of existing WHO recommendations on malaria and supersedes two previous WHO publications. Four WHO guideline development groups focused on vector control, chemoprevention, treatment and elimination are currently convening to develop new or updated recommendations and other groups will convene this year to address additional relevant topics.

Source: WHO, 16 February 2021