Scottish Parliament passes Heat Networks (Scotland) Bill

02 March 2021

Article: 55/0908

The Heat Networks (Scotland) Bill has been passed by the Scottish Parliament, containing legislation which aims to help cut emissions, reduce fuel poverty, and create green jobs by accelerating the deployment of heat networks. By supporting the growth of heat networks, clusters of homes and businesses will be able to get heating from a central source rather than individual fossil fuel boilers, making it safer for customers and more efficient.

The bill establishes a new licensing system designed to drive up standards across the sector, with the aim of improving consumer confidence. A consent system will also be introduced to make sure that new networks are developed in areas where they will have most benefit, and are tailored to its needs. The Scottish Government estimates that heat networks will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 90,000 cars by 2050, and generate annual fuel savings of around £130 for every household that connects to one.

Source: Scottish Government, 23 February 2021