COVID-19 - guidance for secondary care

Publication Date: 31 December 2020

This is a joint publication between Public Health Scotland and ARHAI Scotland, part of NHS National Services Scotland.


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This guidance is to support those working in secondary care settings, such as hospitals, with general public health measures required to manage the spread of COVID-19. This guidance covers key issues for secondary care from a health protection perspective.

This should be read together with the Scottish COVID-19 IPC addendum on secondary care (external website) which can be found on the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NIPCM) (external website).

Workforce education information and resources‚Äč

Obtaining an upper respiratory tract diagnostic sample

HPS, with support from stakeholders, has produced a short video clip to support colleagues required to obtain an upper respiratory tract diagnostic sample.

This resource describes the techniques involved in obtaining an upper respiratory tract COVID-19 diagnostic sample‚Äč and covers the:

  • options available in relation to COVID-19-Upper respiratory tract samples
  • technique involved in obtaining a nose swab
  • technique involved in obtaining a throat swab

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Public Health Scotland,ARHAI Scotland
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