COVID-19 - packaging of diagnostic samples for onward transportation

Publication Date: 08 March 2020

This is a guidance video which outlines the correct way to package samples from suspected COVID-19 patients for Category B transport, in line with UN3373 requirements. It is part of the initial investigation of possible cases collection. ​

Further information about infectio​n prevention and control and laboratory safety, including appropriate use of PPE, decontamination and handling of waste can be accessed at:

​Further information about laboratory sampling can be found in COVID-19 guidance for sampling and laboratory investigations .

If our understanding of COVID-19 changes then guidance will be updated. Always check this website to ensure that any guidance you are using is the latest version.

Further additional guidance and information, including links to guidance for travellers and the general public, can also be found on our COVID-19 page.​​​



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