National Services Scotland Research, Development and Innovation Strategy 2012-2017

Publication Date: 01 October 2012

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) is central to NSS’s ability to deliver on our vision, purpose and strategic objectives and maximise our impact on healthcare through the Healthcare Quality Strategy.

Moreover there is an expectation that NHSScotland will support the Scottish Government’s Economic and Life Sciences agendas supporting the Scottish Life Sciences Industry through innovation, evaluation, adoption of new diagnostics, technologies and medicine. NSS has a key role in supporting this broader agenda.

This strategy sets out how NSS will seek to achieve these objectives for the period 2012-2017. It is recognised that there is already a spectrum of research activities within NSS’s constituent Divisions. It therefore seeks to address the following:

  • Background: the role of medical science in underpinning healthcare, a clarification of the relationship between RDI and their importance to the organisation and a discussion of the policy context.
  • Where NSS is now: current scope of NSS RDI activity within the 3 currently research-active Divisions; current themes, resources and capabilities, and outputs.
  • Where does NSS want to get to and how will it get there: strategic objectives and priorities, governance, resources and outcomes.

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