Roles & Responsibilities for Reusable Patient Care Equipment and Environmental Decontamination

Publication Date: 25 January 2018

This report contains an evidence base for  defining roles and responsibilities of healthcare workers on decontamination of the healthcare environment and communal reusable patient care equipment nationally. This involved the completion of a targeted review of the published literature on roles and implementation of roles and responsibilities against national findings.  A survey of NHS Boards was also undertaken looking at the staff used for cleaning in clinical and non-clinical settings and the results of this is also included in the report. 

The information gained will inform the development of national recommendations to define roles and responsibilities of healthcare workers for reusable patient equipment and environmental decontamination. The key output from this review is the production of a flow chart.

This report will build on and support the 2014 A-Z Template for Decontamination of Re-usable Communal Patient equipment.  

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Health Protection Scotland
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Guideline and Guidance